Yes, I chopped my hair off. And yes, I really needed a haircut in this picture.

Enough said.

So I got my hair cut over my spring break, and I am absolutely THRILLED with how it turned out! I have never had my hair cut short, but I am loving it! I defiantly recommend going shorter as summer approaches, especially since it is about 10x cooler than long hair and a WHOLE lot easier to manage. An added plus is that this short hairstyle (a lob in case you wanted to know what it is tenically called) is the new trend! So this haircut will keep you feeling cool AND looking cool. 

This is a picture of before the haircut. As you can tell, I haven’t had even a trim in many months…

This is a picture of the finished product!! (I LOVE it so much!❤️)

So I hope that if anyone was skeptical about chopping off their hair that this helped you! [FYI remember: if you don’t like it just remember it’s hair, it WILL grow back;)]